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Mestia: Mestia is a small civilization discovered by you in the Caucasian mountains where Georgian traditions, hospitality, and folk excellently harmonize with the modernity. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Caucasian range on the height of 1500 meters from the sea level. Here you may see ancient architectural monuments which surprise guests. Location and climatic conditions of Mestia create the best conditions for resting and extreme adventures.

Svaneti: A historically-geographic region of Georgia. It covers southern slopes of the Caucasian Range and upper belts of the river Inguri and Tskhenistsqali. For centuries Svaneti represented a storage of national treasuries. In difficult times Georgian kings escaped in these places and thus Svaneti has many medieval monuments, icons, crosses and manuscripts remained.

Towers: Towers represent a symbol of Svaneti. They embody pride, greatness, sturdiness and power of Svaneti. They fulfilled a function of defense during wars and indicated to the greatness of the family.

Ushguli: The second highest constantly settled point in Europe which is situated on the height of 2200 m from the sea level; it is included into the list of protected monuments of UNESCO which is often named a museum under the open sky. Ushguli is a peculiar place due to its geographic location and historical inheritance. Monuments of the 9-11th centuries are unforgettable for viewers.

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